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How To Find Your Windows XP Product Key

Applicable To...

• Windows XP Home and Professional.


You are wanting to re-install Windows but you have misplaced your Windows XP Product Key needed for installation.


First you will need to download keyfinder available from the Magical Jelly Bean Software website. Thent o see how to find your Windows XP Product Key using keyfinder please view the flash movie below.


Downloading, extracting and running keyfinder will find your Product Key within about 20 seconds. Windows must be currently installed for keyfinder to work correctly. It cannot for example 'extract' the Product Key from the Windows XP Installation Disk. The reason you are running keyfinder is for the very same reason you must note down the product key so you do not misplace it again.

If for some reason keyfinder does not find your Product Key, you may like to take a look at the following...

Retrieve my Windows XP Product Key

Belarc Advisor

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